TRASHed Recycling Store @ Catalpa

Get TRASHed In The Big Apple With Catalpa NYC & Global Inheritance
Collect points by visiting the TRASHed Recycling Store and cash in your recyclables for limited Catalpa NYC merch, upgrades and cool swag.
Every rogue bottle, can or biodegradable cup you pick up on the festival grounds is a point for you!
Enjoy everything from cold Honest Tea and skate decks to autographed band shirts and vip passes by recycling between band sets.

The TRASHed Recycling Store (founded in 2004) is an interactive recycling center that encourages people to recycle
renewable materials that accumulate onsite at large events and festivals like Catalpa NYC. At our store the only currency accepted is cans, bottles and biodegradable cups.
With some motivation and a little sweat, we can leave Randall’s Island spotless. Visit the Global Inheritance website for up-to-date
prizing information along with tips on limiting the event’s footprint.

Need more info, visit: HERE